How to Rank the website into Google's first page

Talking about website or blog optimization, of course, cannot be separated from the name SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of processes undertaken to make our website appear on the first page of Google and other search engines.

The SEO optimization process is fairly complicated, especially for newbies (beginners) who are just starting out in the world of the Internet. There are many stages of SEO optimization that must be understood and practiced so that your website is perched on Google's Page One.

How to ?


To enter the first page of Google, there are actually mandatory requirements that a website or blog must fulfill. 

 How to Rank the website into Google's first page

Requirements for your website to enter the first page of Google


01. Must be Relevant

The first requirement is that our website must be relevant to the targeted keywords. For example, if you want our website to rank one for the keyword " health articles ", then our website must be the most relevant website for these keywords.

How to make our website relevant?

The way to make a website relevant to the targeted keywords is the optimal implementation of on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is an optimization technique that focuses on things on the website. On-page SEO optimization is very important because it will determine whether your website is relevant or not with the targeted keywords.

In short, on-page SEO is divided into several parts, namely:

  1. Content optimization
  2. Template optimization (theme)
  3. Optimization of website titles and descriptions
  4. Internal link optimization
The 4 sections of on-page SEO above must be optimized as well as possible so that your website is relevant to the targeted theme and keywords.

Quality Content

Entering the first page of Google without quality content is impossible. For that you need to create quality website content so that you can rank 1st in Google.

What is quality content like?

There are at least 3 benchmarks in determining quality content or not.


Quality content is useful content for readers. Readers do not want to be harmed in this case, therefore, we as content creators must be able to present content that solves readers' problems, or at least provides solutions to these problems. Don't let readers be disappointed with your content. Because if your content makes readers disappointed, it means your content is not quality.


Inspirational content is content that amazes readers. Amazed because the writing is super complete or amazed by the inspiring messages contained in the content. For that you need to create content that amazes and impresses readers.


  • Make content that is more complete than other content with the same theme
  • Provide more solutions
  • Insert inspirational and motivating words / stories according to the theme
  • Include illustrations or pictures that wow the reader

Cheer up

An element that is no less important in content is "jokes" or entertainment. This is one trick that will make readers feel at home with your website content. Well ... inserting a little joke in a piece of content is very important, so don't ignore it.

Become a Referral Website

Have you ever wondered why articles are always perched on the first page of Google? Yes.. one of the reasons is that Wikipedia is a reference site. The website that is used as a reference is usually a trusted website with quality content that can be justified.

So, in order for your website to become a reference site, you must be able to present content that is not only quality but also accountable. For example, by including source links and so on.

One of my favorite referral sites that discusses Blogging and Internet Marketing is and These two sites are well known among Bloggers as sites that provide quality content and of course, can be accounted for.

Do you agree ...

How about you, do you have a favorite referral site?

Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks have an important role in terms of SEO. However, not all backlinks will affect the SEO of your website. Only quality and relevant backlinks will boost the position of your website to the first page of Google.

So, don't waste your time looking for fake backlinks, aka spam. Look for quality backlinks that are relevant to the theme or content of your website.

1 Quality backlink is much more valuable than 1000 backlinks that are not quality

How do you get quality and relevant backlinks?


My favorite technique for finding relevant backlinks is by guest posting. Well ... by posting articles on other relevant websites, we will be able to easily get quality backlinks.

Especially if you get backlinks from competitors, it will be very good for the off page SEO of your website.

So, those are some mandatory requirements that will make your website enter the first page of Google. The writing above is only the writing of a newbie who is still not "familiar" with SEO knowledge like the masters. Therefore, there needs to be constructive input and criticism from readers.

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