How to Build an Unforgettable (Good) Reputation as a Blogger

Having a brilliant reputation in the world of Blogging is the dream of all Bloggers, including me. Building a reputation that we want to achieve is not only popularity and achievements in the world of Blogging but also how much we contribute to other Bloggers and readers who want to learn and seek knowledge.

Building a good reputation as a Blogger is actually easy. The level of success depends on your goal of getting into the world of blogging itself.

If you blog only for MONEY.

Most likely it will be difficult to become an unforgettable Blogger.

Conversely, if you blog for a hobby.

It will be possible for you to become an unforgettable Blogger. Furthermore, it depends on the process, so you should know how to build a good reputation as a Blogger.


What are the Benefits of Being an Unforgettable Blogger?

Who doesn't want to be known and remembered throughout the ages ...

Everyone will.

Well, being a Blogger is also like that. If we contribute and benefit our readers, of course, we will be known and even remembered. What's even more special is when our website is used as a reference for many people, whether it's because of the useful articles or because the author is trusted as an expert in their field.

How to Build a Good Reputation as a Blogger

How to build a Blogger reputation

Special Website

Yupss ... the first thing you must have is a special website. Special in the sense that the design is attractive and pleasing to the eye, the loading is fast, and what is no less important is the content or quality content.

Without quality content, no matter how attractive a website will make readers satisfied, readers will be disappointed. Therefore, make quality articles, complete, and inspire readers.

Write on Popular Blogs

If you already have the main foundation, namely a website and quality content, then the next thing to do is to write on other popular blogs / websites.

A small example, as I do today.

My goal for writing at , is none other than to build a good reputation as a Blogger. There are lots of advantages that I get by writing on this blog.

You should try it if you want to be known as a Blogger.

Some of the benefits that you will get are:

  • Your reputation as a Blogger will only get better
  • Your writing will be more familiar and of course more useful
  • Bring traffic to your website
  • Very possible to get backlinks
  • Your name is growing in popularity

Use the Ebook

A writer will be increasingly recognized for his credibility if he writes a lot of works. This also applies in the world of Blogging, we as Bloggers can take advantage of written media such as Ebooks to do branding and build a reputation.

Making an Ebook is not difficult. There have been many guides on the Internet that teach how to make an attractive Ebook. You just have to imitate and then modify it according to your taste.

What is rather complicated is creating Ebook content. The content has to really weigh and inspire readers.

An example is the OCD diet Ebook by Deddy Corbuzier. The ebook had become a trend and popular because many people have experienced the benefits and efficacy of this diet.

Well, something like that is our goal.

Make an Ebook related to your blog topic and then publish it and distribute it for free so that readers respect you more.

Take advantage of Youtube

If Google is considered the king of the Internet, Youtube can also be called the queen of the Internet.

We can do branding here ...

The good news is that Youtube visitors are not much different from Google. Almost as much, so it is very likely that your reputation as a Blogger will be known by many people.

The trick is to make Youtube videos related to the topic or content on your website. For example, the topic of your website is about health, then you can make health tutorial videos or health tips. It's easy, just like that, why it's a hassle ...

Take advantage of social media

Facebook and Twitter are two giant social media suitable for building a reputation. Make the best use of these two social media to introduce your website.

Start by posting things related to the theme of your website. Remember! does not have to be a website link, but varies with pictures, videos, and short articles.

There are several things you need to pay attention to when building a reputation on social media:

  1. Don't ever hide it
  2. It's social media, so you have to be social
  3. Don't just add friends, look for targeted ones
  4. Don't do branding/promotion too often

Active in Forums

Online forums are a gathering place for people who want to discuss and seek information. This is where you can build a targeted reputation.


It's easy, you only need to find forums with similar themes to your website. If you have found it, choose the best one, try to choose a forum whose members are actively discussing, avoid forums that contain spam and promotional threads.

If it is already.

… Don't get promoted right away.

Make a few threads or questions beforehand, let the forum members get to know you. Then, occasionally introduce your website.

This will be much nicer than directly promoting your website.

Remember our main goal is to build a good reputation as a Blogger. Remember that goal.

Writing book

Imagine that you as a Blogger have a lot of written work in the form of books, surely your credibility as a Blogger will be increasingly recognized. Books are indeed the most powerful magnets for building a person's reputation.

To write a book, I don't want to say it's easy. Because I've never practiced it either. But if you are already able to write an Ebook, then you probably have the potential to write a book.

Just prove it if you don't believe it ...

Free sharing

Most Indian people really like something free. Moreover, if the free one has good and useful features, we can be sure that it will be sold out in an instant.

Well, you can take advantage of this.

Share something free to your blog readers or to followers on social media, it can be an ebook, video, or book. The point is up to you, which is important to be useful for readers.

My advice, share something that is still related to the theme of your blog. For example, your blog has the theme " blogging tips ", then you can share an Ebook on SEO techniques or a guide to creating a blog.

Well, that's all the discussion this time about how to build a good reputation as a Blogger. This article still needs improvement here and there, so the readers' input and criticism is needed.

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Hi, myself Tahir Hassan, the founder of this blog. Being a good student I love blogging, as I'm passionate about it. Blogging provides me with a better space to put all my knowledge and experiences so that my visitors can get the benefit of it.

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