Guide to Building a Professional Blog

By building a blog we have learned a lot about how to use language such as using EYD (Enhanced Spelling). The blog is an application in the form of a web blog that can be used for everyone for free like

Many people think and don't know the role of a blogger, that all the information on the internet is the work of Google or other search engines, including some of my friends who don't understand the Internet.

He thought that the information on Google was made by Google, for example, he was asked how his schoolwork was going to be? he answered easy .. there is google. It is as if Google is everything and all information comes from Google, not from the author or blogger.

But I don't think it's anything big, so I just ignore it. The important thing is to be able to provide the best information, one of which is to continue to create interesting content and continue to build a blog that I manage.

To build a blog we need to be careful and not in a hurry because everything needs a process, such as a process of building a blog so that people can recognize it.

The benefits of building a blog in a professional manner

Many of us (bloggers) can feel the sweetness of building a blog slowly but surely. Yes, one of them is by continuing to update content that is useful for others, by itself visitors will continue to come to the blog and comment (thank you, request).

Note: That is if your content is really useful for visitors.

Blogs that are updated in real-time will make search engines like Google more familiar with your blog, the blog will automatically rank better.

On the other hand, it will also increase the enthusiasm for making articles and on the way to pursue the path of success in the world of the Internet.

How to Build a Blog?

There are many ways we can do for a blogger, here's how to build a blog professionally.

Manage Design And Layout

Design and layout are the main factors for visitors to linger on the blog, one way to make visitors feel at home visiting our blog is by giving a cool impression on each layout such as a complete navigation structure, color templates that don't make your eyes tired when reading.

Examples of recommended templates are SEO, Responsive, and Mobile friendly (for mobile viewing)

SEO techniques

Giving a sense of Seo (Search engine optimization) to each article is the most important way to build a blog. By using SEO techniques each article gets the best performance on the SERP (Search engine result page). This is the best point for your blog because the largest percentage of visitors come from search engines like Google.

Update Articles Regularly

Being diligent in making articles is the obligation of a blogger, without making articles on a regular basis, it is not yet a professional blogger, because the main task of bloggers is to make articles.

Even if given the opportunity to make money from managed blogs, one of them is by following the Google Adsense advertising program.


Backlinks for blogs are a simple way to improve blog performance in the eyes of all search engines. The backlink is a backlink to our site. How to find backlinks can be done by commenting on other people's blogs by providing a link to our blog

But now such a method can be considered spam, to find backlinks safely you can comment on this article, without providing a link in the comments, because there is already a place to put your link.

Finally, we continue to create useful articles and share them on social media so that they can be read by many people who need our information.

Problems when building a blog

It turns out that not all bloggers in building a blog can run smoothly. Every process must have problems. The problem can be a small error or a big one. One of them is as follows.

Mistakes when promoting the blog


This can be a major mistake when building a blog. Namely, after creating an article, we share the article on social media sharing or forums continuously just to attract a lot of traffic so that the blog is full of visitors.

However, that is one of the mistakes when building a blog as it can be considered spam by members of the forum. And it allows us to Sp (Warning) and even gets banned from the forum or group.

Looking for excessive backlinks

It's a wasted job, I've read other people's articles that searching for backlinks continuously in a short time can be considered spam by Google Bot. I don't know why it can be considered spam, I don't know, so there's nothing wrong with being on the lookout for excessive backlinks in a short time.

Maybe that's just a tip when building a blog in a professional direction, look forward to my next article on Klikmania and that will definitely inspire all of you (PD).😀

Hi, myself Tahir Hassan, the founder of this blog. Being a good student I love blogging, as I'm passionate about it. Blogging provides me with a better space to put all my knowledge and experiences so that my visitors can get the benefit of it.

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