How To Create Viral Content And Viral Keyword Examples

How to create viral content and viral keywords - Creating viral content is easy, and requires no special skills. But you need to know what viral content is.

Viral content is content that is trending ( viral ) in the desert of fast time, such as posts on various social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and magazines, as well as trending posts on various sites such as blogs.

Viral content itself is formed because so many people already know about it, or it has spread to the eyes of 1000s. Viral content varies greatly in length, from viral for one week, one month, to be popular until now.


Many people are competing to create viral content, especially among bloggers, a blogger is only to provide useful content and must always be enjoyed in a long time wasteland.

Then how can a blogger create viral content

1. Using the google trends tool.

Google Trends is a web search statistics graphing tool that only focuses on showing popular topics in searches over a period of time. by using this tool we can get results from google trends that display popular keywords according to the region and language used. Google Trend will also display the related trend posts or will display the related trend posts.

2. By means of google keyword research.

Keyword research can be done in various ways, one of which is using tools from Google. Or we can also experiment with viral content by relying on a niche such as creating Seo tutorial content that allows the content to be viral, for example, "How to keep articles on page one".

After we know how to create viral content, I will share a blog niche that allows it to go viral or to be precise it will get regular traffic.

Examples of niches have a chance to be Viral

1. Education. The better the material we provide, the more people will visit the blog that we manage, like this can also be said to be viral content because in a long period of time it will always get traffic and will increase.

2. Food Niche. The second is a blog that discusses cooking recipes and how to make dishes. Why food niche blogs can go viral in the desert in the future, we can prove if blogs discussing food recipes will go viral at certain times such as this month, this month of Ramadan many people who managing a blog about recipes has increased visitors and increased income

3. Celebrity Gossip News. Now there is no doubt that if gossip is always viral, especially every day there is new gossip, then sites that disclose gossip will be flooded with traffic. One of them is a celebrity news site in Indonesia, every day it can reap thousands of readers whose news is the only Gossip.

4. TeknoDate. Discussing TeknoDate or Technology Update might become one of the sites with content that is always viral because it can spoil its readers with the latest technology updates that are tantalizing to have.

Now that's a blog niche that will go viral if you build it, maybe there's more that I don't know out there. Hopefully, it is useful and can inspire so that you can create viral content for a long time.

Hi, myself Tahir Hassan, the founder of this blog. Being a good student I love blogging, as I'm passionate about it. Blogging provides me with a better space to put all my knowledge and experiences so that my visitors can get the benefit of it.

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