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What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website?

 What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website?

Do you know What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website? And what can be the benefits and disadvantages to this website? How to know if your website supports AMP or not? More than 421 million people use internet in India and around 73,488 searches are done on every second Google. From this, you also have Google search and whenever you talk to someone to get information on the Internet, you may have seen the high power (⚡) mark on the search result for the last few minutes which was an AMP symbol. is. Do you know What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website? andwhy such a website with symbols come first on mobile search?

With the arrival of smartphones in the market, internet cyber cafe, school, office has reached every single person and today 70% to 80% of searches are done on mobile.

Wrong mobile internet users are increasing, so it is necessary to give a good user experience to all search engines and for this Google has created a project called AMP, so that all the blogs, websites can be made mobile friendly and users will get better search result Let's understand What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website? in detail and know about its advantages, disadvantages

What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website?
What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website?

What is AMP in google?

AMP whose full form is 'Accelerated Mobile Pages' and also known as Google AMP. This is the website publishing open-source library. With the help of which the website made on any CMS (Content Management System) is made mobile responsive and fast.

Google AMP pages are so fast that if AMP is configured on a slow webpage, it will turn into a mobile friendly page and the web page will be more open than thought. As its name is Accelerated Mobile Pages, its work is similar, and for this reason, you use blogs, news, e-commerce and small businesses to more than 25 million websites using Google AMP.

Google AMP is considered to be an alternative to the Facebook Instant Article because both of them use the HTML 5 technology. But there are more core components in the Google AMP ecosystem that automatically makes website a mobile friendly page.

1. AMP HTML Tags:

To give a better view to any website, it is most important that the text, image content that is on the website has all the best HTML tags made for it to be better arranged and fit to the mobile screen width.

2. AMP JS (JavaScript)

In a hurry, Google has just launched a new program called JavaScript SEO, in which it is said that the code of a website can be corrected and which code is used by the search engine. AMP JS library is one of those which is meant to improve the mobile user experience and to make the site fast loading.

3. AMP Cache:

Google AMP Cache is used to improve site overall mobile performance.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

1.Website load faster

To improve the website and get a good rank, pagespeed is an important SEO factor, how many pagespeed your site is, how you test it from here. If you want to optimize the website load in standard way, then you have to do all this work.

  1. Avoid landing page redirects
  2. Enable compression
  3. Improve server response time
  4. Leverage browser caching
  5. Minify resources
  6. Optimize images
  7. Optimize CSS Delivery
  8. Prioritize visible content
  9. Remove render-blocking JavaScript

But if the website AMP is enabled, it will automatically load faster on mobile site by itself it will be converted into mobile fast loading site.

2.Google Mobile Ranking improves:

The second best benefit for AMP enabled sites is that these mobile rankings benefit greatly, because of early open on the website, the website rank on the search engine hurries.

3.Site is mobile user friendly

If a user opens the site on mobile then its image may not be seen correctly, the text is small and can not be seen clearly, if the Width mobile screen is not fit, then there is a negative impact on the mobile experience and there is a loss in ranking. If the site is accelerated Mobile Pages enabled then the website will fit perfectly on the screen of every mobile and all the images and text will be displayed accurately and clearly and it will have a positive impact on user experience and rank will improve.

4. The site gets adjusted on any browser.

Enabling AMP makes the site extremely mobile responsive and not just Google chrome Apart from this, it gets adjusted on any browser and all the designs are perfectly displayed.

How to apply AMP on blog?

It's very easy to setup AMP on a WordPress Blog and make it mobile friendly. WordPress Blogger can do this by simply installing an AMP plugin.

Top AMP plugin for WordPress

  1. Free AMP plugin by Google
  2. AMP for WP - Accelerated Mobile Pages
To setup WordPress you must download one of these two and activate it. If you download Google AMP, then you do not need to do anything, it will automatically indicate which code of the website you want to change.

Note - Better if you are new to not using Google AMP.

Friends, What is AMP in google & Why is it necessary for the website? And how can you put it on a blog? I have told you about it. Hopefully you have come to understand if you have any suggestions or questions, then write in the comment.
Hi, myself Tahir Hassan, the founder of this blog. Being a good student I love blogging, as I'm passionate about it. Blogging provides me with a better space to put all my knowledge and experiences so that my visitors can get the benefit of it.

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