12 Tenses In English Grammar With Examples PPT

12 Tenses In English Grammar With Examples PPT: There are 12 main tenses in English, all of which come from three o'clock (past, present, future). Today, the editor will talk about tenses in English to students. Let's take a look together!

Now taking I listen as an example, the 12 main tenses in the example English are as follows:

  • Normally present 

  1. I listen Now: 
  2. I am listening 
  3. Past: I was listening

  • Now completed 

  1. I have listened
  2. I have been listening 
  3. Normal future: I shall listen "or" I will listen. "

  • In the future

  1. I shall be listening 
  2. Normal in the past: I listened 
  3. When in the past: I had listened

  • In the past

  1. I had been listening 
  2. In the future: I shall have listened 
  3. In the future: I shall have been listening

(1) Normal present tense

Basic form (take do as an example):

Third-person singular: does (a subject is a non-third person singular);

Affirmative sentence: subject + original verb + other;

He works for us.

Negative sentence: subject + don't / doesn't + original verb + other;

He doesn't work for us.

General questions: Do / Does + subject + verb original form + others.

Affirmative answer: Yes, (+ subject + do / does).

Negative answer: No, (+ subject + don't / doesn't.)

Special Questions: Questions + General Questions

Does he work for us?

Yes, he does.

No, he doesn't

What does he do for us?

He works for us.

(2) Past tense

the past tense of being verb + action verb

Negative sentence pattern: add didn't before the action verb, and restore the action verb, or was/were + not;

was or were placed at the beginning of the sentence; use past tense of the auxiliary verb do to ask questions and restore behavior verbs

For example: Did he work for us?

He didn't work for us.

He worked for us.

(3) General future tense

am / are / is + going to + do or

will / shall + do

am / is / are / about to + do

am / is / are to + do;

General future tense

be going to + verb

be + infinitive, be to + verb original, be about to + verb original

be able to + infinitive

be about to + verb

will + verb original

For example: He is going to work for us.

He will work for us;

He is coming. This is a special example that expresses the future tense in the normal present tense

How about, after reading the grammar knowledge that Xiaobian prepared for everyone, do you feel that you have learned a lot? Collect them if you like them ~

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