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What Is The Story Behind 241543903?

What is the story behind 241543903 is a touching story about three friends who, after the bath for the New Year, joyfully put their heads in the refrigerator, microwave and the vacuum cleaner? 

What is the story behind 241543903
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Only one was lucky - with a refrigerator and only because he had a ticket to Leningrad and was confused with a boiler. Then he happily married but to another. Head in the fridge - like forever.

The history behind the story 241543903?

The number 241543903 is more like a phone number than a query for a search engine. However, if you write these numbers on  Google, you will see something unusual in the pictures.

241543903 is an SEO flash mob. Upon this request, the site shows photos of people who put their heads in the freezer. 

The participants of the online flash mob decided not to stop only on photos. By the same request, you can find some rather strange videos on YouTube.

the story behind 241543903

The first photo marked 241543903 appeared in 2009 when the artist David Horvitz posted a photo with the following comment: 

Take a photo of yourself inside the freezer. Upload this photo on the Internet and mark 241543903. When people search for photos by this request, they will only see their heads in the freezer.

Story behind 241543903

Putting your head in the refrigerator (and taking pictures of yourself in that position) is a very exciting and informative process. Here are the main benefits of this lesson:

  1. Putting your head in the refrigerator allows you to bring something new, unusual, to radically change the established alignment of life, to experience hitherto unknown sensations.
  2. With this action, you can finally find out where that glazed curd is stored and where sausages constantly fail
  3. Also, with your head in the fridge, you can rest and relax, because a person who puts his head in the fridge looks at the world differently, all his problems and worries begin to seem to him trifling and not worth any worries.
  4. You will find out what the lid of the refrigerator looks like from below, which is undoubtedly an important point since 99.9% of the population live in the same apartment with their own refrigerator and does not even suspect what the lid of the refrigerator looks like from below.
  5. In hot weather, sticking your head in the refrigerator is almost the same as going to heaven.
  6. In addition, there you have the opportunity to discover Narnia.
  7. We ran to take a picture!

Stories of 241543903 who have already put their heads in the refrigerator.

  1. I didn’t know where to go before. I constantly did not find a place, rushing about like a beast in a cage. Finally, a wise man advised me to put my head in the refrigerator. And what do you think? I was born again!
  2. I had never thought that putting your head in the refrigerator is so cool! Moreover, I still think so!
  3. I am a sculptor, and on-duty I blinded Lenin's head. However, I absolutely did not know where to put it. And I didn’t look at the balcony, and I didn’t look at the kitchen, and I didn’t look at the cupboard. I was completely at a loss because I didn’t throw such a gorgeous head! Finally, I went online and introduced the first thing that occurred to me. The Internet advised me to put my head in the refrigerator. That's exactly what I did. And you know, she got up there like a native! Lenin's head among cans with cucumbers is a real idyll. Now I advise all my sculptors I know to stick unnecessary heads in the refrigerator, and they always thank me for such wonderful advice. Moreover, recently a friend of the executioner called me.
  4. I work on the first television channel as a host of all kinds of scandalous television shows. Upon returning home, I did not know what to do to stop relentlessly yelling in a conversation with my household. I woke up at night in a cold sweat from the verbal incontinence of my lips. Only thanks to this article in Absurdopedia did I find an effective means - to go to the refrigerator at night and put my head in the refrigerator. After this procedure, I become thicker, but my speech becomes slower and easier to digest.
History behind 241543903

 I hope you like the story behind 241543903. Mention your thoughts in the comment box below. Do not try this at home school or anywhere.

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