Methods To Improve Your Drawing Skills

Drawing is all about creativity. Each artist has his own style and method of drawing. Even though may feel completely content with your level and style of drawing, you need to up your game if you were to overtake others in the field. 

Improve Your Drawing Skills

With the increasing number of artists, this might seem like a tiring job. Well, guess what? It definitely is. So, brace yourself to invest a lot of your time and effort. Listed below are some tips that will help.

Use Different Media

A great method to improve is to come out of your comfort zone. If you think that you are brilliant with a pencil, then there is no point in making further effort with it. So, try something different and more challenging. 

Try a pen or even just paint to see what you can do with these equipment. You might be even able to come up with a completely different style to your original and usual way of drawing.

Use the Mirror

Some artists keep checking their drawings from upside down to look at their work from different points of view. This could also be done with the use of a mirror. 

Constantly checking your drawing in the mirror will enable you to look at it from a totally different perspective. You will also be able to check where you have gone wrong. 

For instance, the reflection will tell you more about the drawing’s symmetry than you could have before. Even though this method is not typically taught at an art school, do know that the great Leonardo da Vinci himself used it.

Grid Method

One of the biggest challenges students face in art school is copying an image. It is much easier to draw something out of pure imagination than to copy an image. 

This is mainly because you are expected to make your drawing as much similar as possible. Under such circumstances, you could easily avoid hassle by keeping proportion. 

Do not base your drawing on guesswork. Measure the original drawing through a square grid to get the right size.

Use Shapes

All artists have starting trouble. It is difficult to decide where to start even if you have a clear idea and a picture in your head. 

For example, if you are planning to draw a horse, what body part would you draw first? It is important to make this decision beforehand to manage space effectively. Always start with big rough shapes – in this case the horse’s body- so that you can develop around it.

Remember, being a perfectionist is not the best goal since your obsession and attention to detail can ruin the overall work and take you weeks or even months to create a drawing.
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