Best Android Mobile Screen Recorder Apps Free

Want to record mobile screen for YouTube videos? You are at the right place. I will explain all about Top 3 Screen Recording Apps.

A large number of YouTubers who create specially Technical videos related to Mobile Phones, Android apps, Technical Solutions and Internet Tips and Tricks they need an app or feature to record the mobile phone screen. Today I will be talking about Top 3 Screen recording apps fit for you.
I watched a lot of videos on YouTube in which they used any screen recorder to create them. I saw under those videos views in thousands and millions. They have been famous on YouTube and making a big amount from them. So, would you not like to know about them?

DU Recorder

This is one of the best Android app available on Google Play Store by which you can create videos for your YouTube channel or for any other purposes. This is a free app but it shows its watermark unless you go premium.

This is the top rank app because it has a lot of features to create amazing videos for your YouTube channel. It has a Live feature also by which you can create go live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch or multiple at a time.

I am telling you about some important features of the same. It has a Brush feature by which you can mark or write something while making a video. Camera function that can be used for showing anything behind or front of the camera. GIF Recorder, used for short video as GIF. Features under edit icon Edit video, Merge videos, Video to GIF, WiFi transfer, Edit image and Stitch images.
Under DU Recorder settings there are many options to enable or disable as per your choice. Here are some of them Video Resolution, Video Quality, Video Orientation, Record audio, Video location and so on.


Mobizen is a good screen recorder after DU Recorder. It has limited features but good at recording Mobile phone screen. It also shows Watermark on recorded videos. Many YouTubers try failed tricks to remove watermark but they don't get it removed. You can show your channel name's lebel to hide watermark.

Screen Recorder - No Ads

It's 3rd of 3 apps to record your smartphone screen as a video to send someone or to upload on YouTube. This is an awesome app which has many important features to make your video more attractive. I took this app in this category because it doesn't show Ads while you are online and recording your phone screen. This app supports pause and resume and draw to note something on the screen. You can also trim the recorded video. Try all of these and choose the best as per your choice. I preferred 3 of these because all have important features which I need to create videos for my YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you know the better one screen recorder available for free do share with us, so that we can include that in the list. Ask your queries in comments.
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